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Scottish scrapyard dealers are being told to`Scrap the Cash’ ahead of a major shake-up in metals laws.

Our Scrap the Cash campaign, in conjunction with the Scottish Government-backed Operation Scandium, aims to raise awareness of new legislation banning the use of cash when buying or selling scrap metals. A new licensing regime for dealers is also designed to tackle the blight of metal thefts from buildings, bridges and railways.

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The year-long campaign will see over 150 billboard adverts appearing close to scrapyard dealerships in Scotland, together with targeted leaflets and a social media campaign.

Chief Inspector Stuart Wilson of British Transport Police said: “Despite a decrease in reported offences, metal theft still incurs considerable cost to the Scottish economy and continues to disrupt and inconvenience the communities we serve.

“The main focus will be on cashless transactions and we hope Crimestoppers' campaign will give dealers a trusted avenue to report anonymously any rogue dealers who continue to do business in cash and in turn take revenue away from the legitimate businesses."

Angela Parker, National Manager of Crimestoppers Scotland, added: "Crimestoppers’ 100% guarantee of anonymity removes any fear scrapyard dealers have in reporting those still trading in cash, ultimately protecting the industry.

“We are an independent charity and cannot trace or record telephone calls or track people who use our Anonymous Online Form, so you can contact us safe in the knowledge that no-one will ever know you called.’

Jim Scott, from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, said:  "This sort of crime is still a problem across Scotland, with June seeing over 135 incidents of metal theft reported in just one month.

“This has a substantial cost to the Scottish economy and also has a major impact on local businesses. In a three-month period, the cost to the economy within Scotland was just under £400,000.”

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