Scottish public urged to give information on regular drink drivers this summer

We've launched a summer campaign in Scotland to encourage the public to speak up about drink driving.

We have received more than 980 calls fom the Scottish public in the past year about drink driving, information from which was passed onto the police.

Nationally, drink driving is the second most-reported crime type to Crimestoppers, behind drugs offences.

With the weather warming up and barbecue season encouraging drinking in the daytime, the temptation to drive while over the limit may be higher.

We are urging anyone who has information about individuals regularly drink driving to get in contact.


“Those who drink drive are not only endangering their own lives, they’re putting others at risk too.

“We want to ensure the roads stay safe this summer, and we need members of the public to help us do this by passing on information about anyone who is regularly getting behind the wheel while over the drink drive limit.

“By giving information to us, you could help take a potentially dangerous driver off the road. Vital information you give could stop an accident from happening and may even save a life."

- Angela Parker, National Manager for Crimestoppers Scotland



If you see someone attempting to operate a vehicle whilst intoxicated, please call 999 as this may require urgent police action.