Highland Wildcats on the ball with Crimestoppers Scotland

29 July 2015

Highlands and Islands_July15

Our Highlands and Islands committee have brought on board new volunteers from American football team the Highland Wildcats.

Robbie Paulin, Nial Martin and Nathan Ross have recently been on the ball with our youth team, Fearless, helping to educate 11-16 year olds about crime and empowering them to do the right thing if ever faced with criminality.

The trio (pictured above in the back row) were welcomed by the committee at their latest meeting, chaired by Jim Ferguson (pictured front, centre) at Inverness Police HQ.

"Volunteers are vital to us - they help us to carry out our work across Scotland and we're incredibly grateful for their hard work.

"We were delighted to bring on board Robbie, Nial and Nathan as volunteers with the committee and we're looking forward to carrying out new activities with them in the coming months."

-Angela Parker, National Manager for Crimestoppers Scotland

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