Fearless joins the Go Safe ‘one-stop-shop’ resource for Scottish primary schools

Go Safe Scotland - a new safety educational tool designed for Scotland’s primary school pupils – was today (Monday, 2 September) launched at Glasgow’s Mosspark Primary School.

The new resource uses interactive activities to appeal to primary school pupils in a modern and captivating way.

No other educational resource allows teachers to deliver a chosen safety subject from one portal. The new innovative one-stop-shop safety package includes packages on personal safety, outdoor safety and digital safety amongst others.

Four topics: water safety, fire safety, home safety and outdoor safety will now go live today with the remaining topics being launched in 2014.

Go Safe Scotland has been written by experienced teachers from Glasgow City Council and Fife Council, and overseen by education quality improvement officers.

It will be of significant benefit to teachers wishing to address this crucial area of a child’s development and is fully compatible with whiteboards and PCs. Parents will also be able to access the website for information on safety related matters.

The make-up of the resource is designed to encourage partnership working in schools and provide the necessary links to the appropriate agencies.

Led by Glasgow City Council, Go Safe Scotland has been developed with input from a number of partner agencies: Fife Council, Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire Service, Scottish Water, Scotland Gas Network, Crimestoppers, Rospa, NHS and Network Rail.  

Go Safe launch_Sep2013_500
The Go Safe launch at Glasgow’s Mosspark Primary School

Councillor Alistair Watson, executive member for Land & Environmental Services, Glasgow City Council, said: “It is vital that we encourage our children to explore their environment and to lead an active lifestyle. However, in doing so we must provide them with the necessary tools to make sure they stay safe.

“In teaching, we now have the curriculum for excellence which has been designed to engage children through active learning. We are well and truly embedded in the digital age where children can access all types of information to study and explore their world at the push of a button.

“This in itself brings its own issues, as we have seen in recent news - so we need to ensure that we keep up to date with technology - to not only keep our children safe indoors and outdoors, but also online and that is we have included digital safety as a new subject in its own right.

“This is a resource designed for the whole of Scotland and the partners are working with Education Scotland and other organisations to make sure that every pupil, parent and teacher in the country has access.

“The partnership is exploring all methods of communicating the safety message and soon we will have short films and e-books as part of the overall package.    

“To encourage further partnership working at a local level we will be providing each local authority in Scotland with the opportunity to localise the resource with their own community links, news and service contacts.”

Alan Gall, Chairman of West Scotland Crimestoppers Committee said:

“This is an excellent initiative that supports children during an important stage in their life when the decisions they make shape their future.

"Crimestoppers is delighted to support such a progressive approach to educating Scotland’s children.”