Campaign launched to warn Glasgow students against ‘money mule’ fraudsters

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is launching a campaign in Glasgow today to raise awareness about the dangers of being conned by fraudsters looking to lure students into illegal money laundering activities [12 March 2013].

The 'Money Mules’ campaign is being launched at Glasgow Caledonian University, with the aim of educating students of the dangers that fraudsters can pose when approaching individuals with ‘too good to be true’ job offers.

In what is known as a money mules scam, fraudsters target students by putting adverts in newspapers or leaflets through doors offering good money for very little work.

Money Mules Glasgow_891

The work usually involves money being transferred into the mule’s account by the fraudster, with the instruction to forward that money to an offshore account using various international wiring services.

This is actually a criminal offence and the individual is taking part in money laundering.

'Raising awareness'

Crimestoppers National Manager for Scotland, Kate Jackson, said: “University is about taking the next step in your adult life and gaining further education, not about being approached by fraudsters to unknowingly partake in criminal activity.

"Crimestoppers is launching this campaign to raise awareness of this fraudulent activity, but also to give students an outlet to pass on information about fraudsters and scams they are aware of, with a guarantee that their anonymity will not be compromised."

 If you think you might already be part of a money mule scam, please act fast and contact your bank and the police.