Shankill Campaign – uniting the community against the collective problem of crime

Crimestoppers NI, with the local police service and a community group, the Lower Shankill Community Association (LSCA) identified the need to run an general awareness campaign in the Lower Shankill area in Belfast. 

The campaign, which ran over March and April 2013, aimed to empower the community to take action to tackle crime and report criminals in their area and also to increase the awareness of the Crimestoppers facility within the local community.

Over 200 leaflets and 50 posters were produced and distributed door to door to hundreds of homes by the LSCA using teenage volunteers. 

The outcome of the leaflet campaign was extremely positive:

  • The community living in the Lower Shankill area are more aware of  Crimestoppers and the service we provide
  • Over the March/ April period there were 54 pieces of intelligence recorded for the North Belfast area including the Greater Shankill area for drugs, firearms and burglary. 

 NI Vol poster


  • The LSCA said they would fully endorse the campaign imagery and recommend it for other communities.  
  • The Lower Shankill has been traditionally categorised as a hard to reach community, but hand delivering a leaflet by members of the community was a good way to reach the community
  • A secondary impact of the campaign was breaking of barriers between young and old in the community.  Young volunteers delivered the leaflet giving them the opportunity to interact and speak to older members of the community, something they would rarely otherwise do. 
  • The campaign also assisted in uniting the community against the collective problem of crime.