Reward of up to £2,000 offered for information on whereabouts of murderer Shaun Walmsley

Friday 24th Febraury 2017

Shaun Walmsley

Today we are offering a reward of up to £2,000 for information on the whereabouts of murderer Shaun Walmsley who escaped police custody during a hospital visit in Liverpool.

Walmsley, of Wallace Street, Walton, is currently serving a minimum 30-year sentence for his part in the murder of Anthony Duffy.

The 28-year-old killer is now at large after he was leaving an appointment at Fazakerley Hospital on Tuesday just after 3pm.

It was then that two men, believed to be in possession of a gun and a knife, threatened prison officers and demanded Walmsley’s release. The trio then fled the scene in a gold Volvo.

We are now offering the reward of up to £2,000 for information given to the charity that leads to the arrest of Walmsley.

Gary Murray, North West Regional Manager for Crimestoppers, said: “Shaun Walmsley is a dangerous individual and should not be approached, that would be my first message to the public.

“But my second message is this. He is currently serving a long sentence for murder, and he needs to serve his punishment. If you know where he is, pick up the phone or log onto our website and tell us where he is. He’ll never know you contacted us, and you’ll be helping to remove a serious criminal from your community.”

If you have any information on Walmsley’s whereabouts, please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through our Anonymous Online Form.

*Note: The reward is valid for three months and will only qualify if information is passed to Crimestoppers’ 0800 555 111 number or anonymous online form. Information passed directly to police will not qualify.