After a spike in gun crime in Liverpool this year, Crimestoppers has launched a campaign called 'Keep Our Streets Safe', to encourage people to tell us anonymously if they have any information.

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  • Your information has the potential to help save a life.
  • We don’t take personal details and we can’t trace calls or information given online.
  • You won’t have to give a statement to police or appear in court.
  • We don’t want to know who you are, just what you know.

Visit our online form to report information on gun crime in Liverpool.





There has been a 28% increase in shootings In the last financial year, compared to the previous year.

  • 77 incidents involving firearms on Merseyside since April 2016
  • Two people murdered
  • 28 people injured

Gary Murray, North West Regional Manager for Crimestoppers,
said: “We want to appeal to local people to tell us who is responsible for these crimes, without fear of repercussion.

“We know that picking up the phone, or logging onto our site, is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But by doing so, you will be playing a significant role in keeping your friends, neighbours, and community safe.”