Press Release
18 January 2016

Independent charity Crimestoppers is today offering a reward of up to £5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for a violent robbery in Oldham.

The incident occurred at around 7.30pm on Friday 18th November 2016 in Kew Road, when two attackers burst into the house of a pregnant mother, Fatima Bibi, who was at home with her four children ranging from five to thirteen years.

One of the attackers held a knife to the throat of her six-year-old daughter after her sibling opened the door and dragged her upstairs demanding to know where their safe and money were kept. Mrs Bibi begged the burglars not to harm her daughter, one of whom then began searching the property whilst the other put a knife to her stomach, saying ‘pregnant lady I’m going to kill you’.

The pair fled with just an iphone 5s.

The first suspect is described as white, more than 6ft, of heavy build, and was wearing a black wool balaclava, dark baseball cap, with the hood of his jacket up.

He wore a sleeveless black quilted jacket and a dark top, full length black wool gloves, dark blue jeans, and spoke with a local accent.

The second man is described as white, 5ft 5in, about 25 years old, with light-coloured eyes, an oval-shaped face, short patchy ginger beard, of medium build, and he spoke with a local accent.

He was wearing a black wool hat pulled down to just above his eyebrows, with the hood from his red jumper over the hat, a black sleeveless quilted coat, black gloves and brown chinos.
Now, Crimestoppers is offering the reward of up to £5,000 for information passed to the charity that leads to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for this attack. Information given to the police will not qualify for the reward.

Gary Murray, Crimestoppers’ North West Regional Manager, said: “This was a terrifying attack on a mother and her children that has now left them terrified in their own home.

“I’d appeal to anyone who has any information on this attack to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Please, do the right thing by your community and tell us what you know, not who you are.

These people need to be brought to justice in order to ensure that no-one else has to suffer such a terrifying ordeal.”

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through our Anonymous Online Form. Information passed to the police, as stated, will not qualify for a reward.


For more information please contact the Crimestoppers Press Office on 0208 835 3727 or

Notes to Editors

•    This reward is valid for three months and should not be published after 18 April 2017. Please contact the press office for updates after this date.
•    Crimestoppers is an independent charity which helps the police to solve crimes, making communities safer. It does this by operating the 24/7 telephone number 0800 555 111 which people can ring to pass on information about crimes anonymously. They can also use our Anonymous Online Form.
•    Around 14 people are arrested and charged every day as a result of information given to Crimestoppers, and one person is charged with murder every eight days.
•    Since Crimestoppers began in 1988, it has received over 1.7 million actionable calls, resulting in more than 138,000 arrests and charges. Nearly £135 million worth of stolen goods has been recovered and nearly £333 million worth of illegal drugs has been seized.
•    In 2005, Crimestoppers launched the UK's Most Wanted on its website which allows the public to view images of criminals and pass on vital information about their whereabouts. It has been highly successful, with over 3,800 arrests to date.
•    Crimestoppers UK was founded by Lord Ashcroft, KCMG PC, Chairman of Trustees. In 1988, he launched Crimestoppers in the Metropolitan Police area. Crimestoppers' 'call to action' is built on a three-way partnership between the business community, the police and the media.