Everyone is entitled to live safely without fear of violence or abuse. In response to tackling domestic abuse, Crimestoppers Cumbria have have launched the 'Behind Closed Doors' campaign.

On average Cumbria police deal with over 17 incidents of domestic violence every day across the county with almost half of these being against people who have experienced violence before. Many more incidents take place, but are not reported.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse covers a range of behaviour which isn't limited to physical abuse. It can also take the form of psychologicalsexualemotional, and financial abuse.

Speak up about domestic abuse

Although our anonymous service means we can't take information from victims, in many cases it is suspected by neighbours, friends and even family members. Victims are often too afraid to speak and those who suspect that and offence is taking place may be reluctant to get involved. Our service means that you won't be identified and nobody will know you have contacted us unless you tell them.

We want to break this cycle by raising awareness of our free anonymous phone line 0800 555 111 and Anonymous Online Form.

"Domestic abuse is a serious crime but it remains largely hidden behind closed doors leaving the victims trapped, powerless and isolated. This campaign is designed to both signpost those who are victims to where they can receive help and support and also to give their families and friends a way of helping them.

If you know that this is happening to someone you know, we would urge you to report it to us anonymously."

Lynda Shaw, Chair of Crimestoppers' Cumbria Committee

Follow the Behind Closed Doors campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #BehindClosedDoors.

What to do if you are a victim of domestic abuse

Due to our anonymity guarantee, we can't take information from victims of crime.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse in Cumbria, you can contact the LetGo Domestic Violence Service.

LetGo is Cumbria's countywide domestic violence service and they are able to help and advise you if you are experiencing domestic abuse. If they can’t support you themselves they will be able to signpost you to someone who can. Depending on where you are based in Cumbria, you can contact LetGo on the following numbers:

  • LetGo North - 01228 633640
  • LetGo South - 01229 582386
  • LetGo West - 01900 842991/842992

You can also email