Cheshire Crimestoppers is dedicated to fighting crime across Cheshire. Raising awareness of Crimestoppers throughout its communities, Cheshire Crimestoppers empowers people to speak out about criminal activities.


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Enabling people to give information about crime anonymously in Cheshire every day

Crimestoppers guarantees anonymity, which means that no-one can ever find out who passed on information about crime.

Providing information

To pass on information about crime anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our secure Anonymous Online Form

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Cheshire Crimestoppers is run by volunteers – each and every one is a vital link with communities in the region.


We are currently looking for a volunteer to assist with social media for Cheshire area.

If you think you'd like to volunteer for Cheshire Crimestoppers, please fill in our volunteering enquiry form and let us know what you can do for Cheshire Crimestoppers.