4 April 2016

Met Police Officer Tom Ryan is set to tackle his first London Marathon to raise money for us.

Tom Ryan Marathon Making a difference

The 26-year-old, who’s based in Lambeth, says he’s seen the negative impact that crime can have and hopes to make a difference with his fundraising.

He said: “I used to work as a Crime Scene Investigator and saw first-hand the way that people are affected by crime and I wanted to support Crimestoppers, who give the public a way of passing on vital information safely. Fundraising is a challenge but it's been quite good fun. I've been trying to entice some donations by using Instagram pictures of me in training and countless filters to make my snaps eye catching.”

Tom completed his first marathon in Richmond park last year and admits it was no easy feat.

He explained: “I didn’t really give it the respect it deserves – my training was lax and I suffered on the hills, hobbling over the finish line with cramp, blisters and a desperate need for water.”

This year is different story – with a strict training regime and a focus on eating the right diet to get him through the 26.2 miles.

Geared up for the London Marathon

On April 3 he took on the marathon in Paris, finishing in a much better state than before. Now he says he’s geared up for London where Crimestoppers will be cheering him on at mile 18.

He added: “I've heard that the atmosphere at the London Marathon is incredible and that the crowds really do get you going, so I'm really excited to get that buzz. I also have quite a few close friends who are running London this year so the competitive part of me doesn't want to be beaten; the friendly rivalry will keep me going. I'm also looking forward to the Crimestoppers cheer point at 18 miles; I'll really need it by then, I'm sure.”

Sponsor Tom

You can help Tom reach his fundraising target here