Suffolk Coastal’s young people to become fearless in fighting crime                                     Suffolk.crimestoppers.minilogo


  Young people in the district of Suffolk Coastal are being urged to become fearless in the fight against crime following the roll-out of a service for the county.[27 January 2014] was launched nationally in April 2010 and is a website by the independent charity Crimestoppers where young people can get information about crimes that affect them. It also gives them the opportunity to pass on information about crime 100% anonymously – a unique service not offered anywhere else.

 It was officially launched in Suffolk with the support of Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership in 2012 at Leiston High and Felixstowe Academy. Due to its success the partnership are funding further activity through the Police and Crime Commissioner at Leiston High and Farlingaye High this week.

 The events will include an interactive theatre performance and workshops by The Solomon Theatre, plus a talk by Fearless youth workers. 
  Ann Scott, Eastern Regional Manager for Crimestoppers, explained why is so important: “Young people are one of the most important audiences for Crimestoppers to communicate with, but they haven’t always understood or been willing to interact with the charity. One of the key reasons for re-launching Crimestoppers for young people is to empower them to be ‘fearless’ in passing on information about crime anonymously if they feel unable to talk to Police”.

  She continued:  “We want to reassure young people that information they give to about crime is taken seriously and that they have nothing to fear by contacting the charity. When someone contacts us we do not ask for their name or take any personal details. We do not trace calls/IP addresses and we do not record our calls. Those who give information do not have to give a statement to Police or go to court. We have never broken our promise of anonymity or revealed anyone’s identity”. 

  Mary Neale, Chair of Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership and the district council’s community safety portfolio holder, added: “This is a really good partnership developed with the local authorities, Crimestoppers, Police and local schools”.

  “We know how disconnected young people can feel and gaining information directly from them will enable us, the Police and a range of other agencies to better understand, and therefore better respond to, the issues that young people face”.

 “Young people can get such a bad press sometimes when it comes to crime and anti-social behaviour, what a lot of people don’t know is that young people are the group that are most likely to be victims of crime”.

  ”It’s crucial that organisations work together to better engage with young people.”

Crimestoppers plays a major part in the fight against crime. Every day 1000 people contact the charity which leads to 22 people every day being arrested as a result of that information.

 The charity’s youth website can be found at:
 Watch the Fearless film here: Don't let it be too late