I know someone who is involved in a gang…..

  • Do you have concerns about a loved one who is selling drugs?
  • Are you worried about someone who is getting involved in a local gang?
  • Are you anxious that they carry a knife and they might get hurt?
  • Do you want to speak up to save them but are scared they might find out it was you?


I'm fed up of drugs ruining Ipswich…..

  • Do you see people dealing drugs in your neighbourhood but you’re scared of telling the police as you’re worried the gang will find out?
  • Do you know someone who carries a knife? Giving information on them may save someone’s life - including theirs.
  • Does someone you know always have the latest car, the most up-to-date mobile, designer clothes, expensive house etc. - but you have suspicions about how it's all funded? 
  • Don’t wait for someone else to speak up.

 White Powder Knife Crime Pocket

What can you do?

If you have information about drug dealers or gang-related activity in Ipswich, but feel unable to tell the police directly, you can instead contact Crimestoppers anonymously and we’ll pass it to them for you.

  • We never ask for your name or take any personal details.
  • We cannot trace or record your call or online form.
  • You won't have to  give a statement to the police or go to court.
  • In our 27 years, Crimestoppers has never broken our promise of anonymity.
  • 1,000 people contact Crimestoppers every day - which leads to an average of 20 arrests every day.
  • You can make a difference and tell Crimestoppers about crime in Ipswich.
  • We don’t want to know who you are – just what you know.

What sort of information do we want?

  • Describe the person to us
  • Tell us where they live and where they deal drugs
  • Tell us who they mix with
  • Tell us what vehicles they use
  • Tell us what sort of drugs they deal

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