Crimestoppers offers up to £2,000 after elderly woman attacked by masked men in own home

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £2,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the brutal attack of an 89-year-old Lakenheath woman [25 February 2014].

Connie Hallford was in her living room at her home in Arrowhead Drive around 7:45pm to 8:05pm on Monday 17 February when she heard a loud bang at her back door. She got up to see what was happening and saw three men running into her home. One of the men struck her, knocking her to the floor, and made a demand for money while the other two men searched the house before leaving via the back of the property. Police are particularly keen to trace the occupants of a black Vauxhall vehicle that was seen in the Back Lane area of Lakenheath around 7.30pm.

Crimestoppers is offering this reward of up to £2,000 for information passed on directly to the charity anonymously on 0800 555 111 that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this offence. Information given directly to the police or via the Crimestoppers online form will not be liable for the reward.

Crimestoppers Eastern Regional Manager Ann Scott said: “Lakenheath is a quiet, rural town in Suffolk and this incident has shocked residents to the core. I am utterly disgusted that whilst this elderly woman lay on the floor with blood pouring down her face these men still demanded money from her. We need to find those responsible and stop this from happening to other innocent people. Nobody has anything to fear by contacting Crimestoppers if they have information about this offence. We never ask for your name or take any personal details. We do not record or trace your call or IP address. You won’t have to give a statement, speak to the police or go to court – we only want to know what you know, not who you are. In the 26 years that Crimestoppers has been running we have never broken our promise of anonymity so nobody will know you contacted us”.

She continued: “We need information no matter how insignificant you feel it might be. Did you see suspicious activity in the area that night? Has someone confessed to being involved? Did you spot the black Vauxhall in the area that night? If you do not want to go directly to police then please come forward to the charity Crimestoppers and give information anonymously. This woman has been extremely brave and told her story. You can be just as courageous and come forward with information about this despicable crime”.

Crimestoppers plays a major part in the fight against crime. 1,000 people contact the charity daily which leads to 22 arrests every day.


To arrange an interview about the Crimestoppers reward please call Ann Scott, Crimestoppers Eastern Regional Manager, on 01255 475954 or 07825 445720.

Notes to Editors:

  • Information given directly to the police will not qualify. Any information passed by Crimestoppers to the police before 24th February 2014 will not qualify.
  • This reward should not be published after 24th May 2014. Please contact Crimestoppers for an update after this date.
  • Crimestoppers is an independent charity which helps the police to solve crimes, making communities safer. It does this by operating the 24/7 telephone number 0800 555 111 which people can ring to pass on information about crimes anonymously. They can also use our Anonymous Online Form which can also be accessed by internet-enabled mobile phones.
  • Around 22 people are arrested and charged every day as a result of information given to Crimestoppers.
  • Since Crimestoppers began in 1988, it has received over a million actionable calls, resulting in over 126,000 arrests and charges. Over £175million worth of goods has been recovered and over £301 million worth of drugs has been seized.
  • In 2005, Crimestoppers launched the UK’s Most Wanted on its website which allows the public to view images of criminals and pass on vital information about their whereabouts. It has been highly successful with over 2,600 arrests to date.
  • Crimestoppers UK was founded by Lord Ashcroft, KCMG PC, Chairman of Trustees. In 1988, he launched Crimestoppers in the Metropolitan Police area. Crimestoppers’ ‘call to action’ is built on a three-way partnership between the business community, the police and the media.