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After a surge of new volunteers in Hertfordshire we are pleased to have recently held a training day for our new ‘Fearless’ Volunteers in Watford.

Fearless is our dedicated youth service, designed and developed to encourage and empower young people to make their community a safer place. Providing information and advice about crimes that might affect them, the fearless website and associated resources look to challenge and stimulate debate whilst educating young people about the ways that they can pass on information to us 100% anonymously.

Our new Fearless team aims to work closely with Hertfordshire schools, communities and youth clubs as we all have a common goal – to help the vulnerable and to ensure we all live in a safer community.

We want to let young people know about the choices and consequences they have of becoming involved or associated with crime and criminal activity. What makes us unique is the fact that the site enables young people to pass on any information they might have about crime. They can do so via an Anonymous Online Form on our fearless.org website or through a mini version of the form compatible with their smart phones.

If you would like more information on how the Fearless team can help you then get in touch by calling 020 8835 3700. 

 Fearless Training Day

Crimestoppers is always looking for people to join our energetic and friendly team, so if you live or work in Hertfordshire and want to make a difference to your community, then please contact Crimestoppers on 020 8835 3700 and join us in the fight against crime.