Granddaughter of elder abuse victim supports reporting line

22 June 2015

Donna Davis, 36, was left devastated after hidden camera footage, recorded by her family, revealed her 92-year-old grandmother, Bridget Rees,  being mistreated in a care home.

Now she's urging the people of Essex to speak up about abuse through the new anonymous reporting line, 0800 032 7644.

“Elder abuse is devastating for the victims and their families.

“It crushed my family – we will always live with enormous guilt for putting her in a situation that we thought was for the best but resulted in physical, emotional and mental abuse.

“The new anonymous reporting line is a fantastic tool. It gives people a means to report or query something that they may otherwise have kept to themselves.

“I really hope that it will prove a success in Essex so that it can be rolled out across the country.

“We simply cannot just keep our concerns to ourselves because it could mean that elderly people aren’t cared for in the way they deserve.”

- Donna Davis

 Donna Davis_Jun2015

 Read more about Donna and Bridget's story here.

The reporting line was launched by Crimestoppers and Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston in Feburary this year.

It will be trialled for a year in the county and, if a sucess, could be rolled out nationally.

“The footage of Bridget’s ordeal is harrowing and it really shows why a reporting line like ours is needed.

“We all have a duty to protect the elderly community and this should involve speaking out if there is any suspicion of abuse.

“Don’t let another person suffer like Bridget did.”

- Mark Hallas, CEO of Crimestoppers

Since launching the line in February, Crimestoppers has received a number of pieces of information, which have been passed to the relevant safeguarding boards.

The information has not just concerned allegations of physical abuse – there have been reports of financial as well as emotional abuse and neglect.

Information has been reported from across the county. The reports allege abuse in a variety of locations – including the homes of victims as well as care homes and sheltered housing.

“What happened to Donna’s grandmother, Bridget, shows all too vividly why tackling elder abuse matters.  

“The reporting line that we’re piloting with Crimestoppers provides a means for people to share concerns about elder abuse.  

“This may be a case of physical assault, neglect, emotional bullying or financial abuse - where older people are targeted by fraudsters.

“If you fear your neighbour, a loved one or an acquaintance is suffering from elder abuse, please consider dialling 0800 032 7644 and speaking directly with one of Crimestoppers’ trained team.”

- Lindsay Whitehouse, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex