Crimestoppers launches new burglary campaign in Southend

A crackdown on burglary has begun across Southend. The 3 month campaign, which is funded by Southend Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership and supported by Essex Police, has already started with a series of hard hitting adverts on Southend Radio.

They reveal the horror of coming home to a burgled house and detail how buying stolen goods can feed the need for burglars to commit more crimes. It will end with a total of 60,000 postcards being put through the letterboxes of homes in the town.

In addition to this, local pubs, clubs, second hand shops and pawn shops will receive beer mats, posters and leaflets – all with the message that Crimestoppers will take information 100% anonymously on those committing burglaries or handling stolen goods.

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'Making your community a safer place to live'

Ann Scott, Crimestoppers Eastern Regional Manager, explains why the campaign is important: “Being burgled is not just about losing possessions, it also robs you of feeling safe in your own home. People should be able to feel secure and confident in their own homes.

"No one has anything to fear by contacting Crimestoppers. We never ask for your name and no personal information is taken. Calls are not recorded and we do not trace calls or IP addresses. Those who give information do not have to give a statement to police or go to court."

Simon Ford, from Southend Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership, added “We realise that not everybody feels comfortable going to the Police with information about criminals carrying out burglary and handling stolen goods. We are providing our community with a safe alternative to giving information about crime by joining forces with the charity Crimestoppers."

Crimestoppers plays a major part in the fight against burglary and handling stolen goods.