Crimestoppers launch "purr-fect" film to tackle crime that's on the rise

May 2014 sees us launch a brand new short film which aims to tackle the theft of catalytic converters, better known as "CATS". The film attempts to put a humorous spin on a crime type that is actually quite serious and has caused misery for millions of motorists.

"Lost Cat"

Tom has a disastrous day because his catalytic converter has been stolen.

Metal theft and the increase of CAT theft

Although metal theft has seen a steady decrease the theft of CATs has seen a dramatic increase in the last three years. The charity is getting involved due to a lack of information around who is stealing them and where they are going. It is appealing for the public to give them information anonymously – and they could even claim a cash reward of up to £1000.

Ann Scott, Crimestoppers' Eastern Region Manager said: "I'm pleased to be addressing this crime type. Not only can it be expensive to replace a stolen CAT but it can be extremely inconvenient. I've heard of ambulances and charity vehicles being targeted - this is truly despicable and thieves need to be stopped."

The community really are the eyes and ears of supporting the Police. Each force in this area, and indeed across the UK, hae put a number of measures in place such as offering CAT marking and prevention advice to help protect the public. Information from the public is of vital importance in crime fighting and catching criminals. Not everyone wants to speak directly to the Police, so as a charity we are empowering the community by giving them a voice to help fight crime without revealing their identity.

Ann Scott Eastern Region Manager

Contact us anonymously

If you have any information about CAT theft, please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. No one will ever know who you are. Individuals can also pass on information anonymously using our Anonymous Online Form.