The charity Crimestoppers, Werrington Neighbourhood Watch Cluster Group and the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Association, put on an exhibition at Unit 8 at the Garden Park, Eye Road, Peterborough.

Banners and posters adorned the shop window and the shop unit was manned on the Friday and Saturday so that the public were able to come in and speak with the volunteer staff.

Organiser, Lawrence Wright says, “We want to make people aware that Neighbourhood Watch does exist and that they can be part of it. We had over fifty queries regarding Neighbourhood Watch and we may have some new coordinators too. People are very reluctant to do anything but want others to do it. Quite a few people did not know what Neighbourhood Watch actually was." 

He added: "We also want to make them aware that they can give information about crime and criminals anonymously to Crimestoppers. Making people aware of Crimestoppers is another way we can try to reduce crime. Information given to them can even earn the caller a financial reward. There was material from both organisations on display and also from Safe Local Trades."