Community is still a key role in the fight against crime as Cambridgeshire releases end of year figures

[9 June 2014]

The end of year figures have revealed that both the amount of information passed on to Cambridgeshire Police, and the number of arrests made as a result of that information in the past 12 months, has increased compared to the previous year. Just over 900 pieces of information were received by Cambridgeshire Crimestoppers which led to 30 arrests. Last year this stood at just under 850 calls and 29 arrests.

With the charity celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2013, this increase highlights a growing awareness of the charity and its work in local communities. It also highlights the significant role the public plays in the fight against crime.

Ann Scott, Crimestoppers Eastern Regional Manager, said: “I am extremely pleased with these results. They represent a continued effort from the public and Crimestoppers in keeping our communities safe and bringing wanted criminals to justice. Every single day across the UK 1000 people choose to put their trust in our charity with their information about crime. Without the Cambridgeshire public there would no Crimestoppers and 30 more criminals would still be walking the streets. I cannot thank our local communities enough for their efforts and for trusting us with their information – and to our volunteers who dedicate so much of their time to ensure we continue the fight to provide a crime free community”.

Volunteers continue to demonstrate their contribution to the charity

These figures also come off the back of celebrating National Volunteers' Week, so it's important to recognise the role that the Cambridgeshire volunteers have played; not only by raising awareness of the charity, but in helping to engage with local people and help tackle crimes affecting the area.

Since Crimestoppers was formed in 1988, over 128,000 people have been arrested and charged, while 1.5 million pieces of information have been passed to law enforcement agencies.

“This year has been incredibly busy with the committee working on various projects. Including a domestic abuse campaign, various presentations in schools on Crimestoppers' youth brand, Fearless, and a cycle theft campaign which involved Criminology students from Peterborough Regional College. With your help, you can make these results even better next year by contacting Crimestoppers anonymously about any criminal activity you are aware of on 0800 555 111 or through our Anonymous Online Form. There is also the opportunity to volunteer for the charity and help fight crime in Cambridgeshire. Please go to the Crimestoppers website for more information."

Rob Needle, Chair of Cambridgeshire Crimestoppers Volunteer Committee