Bedfordshire Crimestoppers have released a high impact short film which depicts the horror of coming home to a burgled property.

The new film highlights that if people know who is responsible for a burglary but don't want to speak to the Police they can safely give any information to us anonymously. We never ask a caller for their name or take any personal details.

Ann Scott, Eastern Regional Manager for Crimestoppers, explained why it is important for the charity to tackle burglary:

“Being burgled does not just rob you of your personal possessions, but it can rob you of feeling safe and secure in your own home. Coming home to a bedroom which has been ripped apart is devastating and feels like such an invasion of privacy. The public can play their part in bringing these burglars to justice by contacting Crimestoppers and stopping their reign of terror”.


New film highlights horror of burglary


Bedfordshire Crimestoppers' emotional film featuring a victim's life shattered by the crime

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Tony Lloyd, Chairman of Bedfordshire Crimestoppers and producer of the film, explained why the film is important: “We always need to think of new ways to communicate with the public about what we do.

"This innovative film will hopefully reach many more people and encourage them to make that vital phone call. Crimestoppers plays a major part in the fight against burglary and handling stolen goods. Every single call can make a difference and get another burglar off the street.”