Crimestoppers: Success Through Anonymity

On Wednesday 25th September, crime-fighting charity, Crimestoppers, held a 24 hour 'tweetathon', aimed at giving the public a flavour of the 1000+ pieces of information they receive every day.

Over recent months, there have been many success stories in Lincolnshire, where information passed to Crimestoppers has been crucial in securing successful prosecutions. However, it is difficult for those good news stories to be shared as releasing any detail that would identify a specific case, could then potentially identify the informer and the guarantee of anonymity is the key element in the public's trust and confidence in Crimestoppers. That promise of anonymity has never been broken.

The following examples, though, give a flavour of some of the cases in the county where calls to Crimestoppers made all the difference. We cannot give you more clarification on the location in the county or when the case was at court.

  • Crimestoppers passed information to the police about cannabis cultivation.  They followed this up, made several arrests and seized a large amount of drugs.
  • Crimestoppers received a call with details of where somebody who had absconded from custody could be found. Police immediately went to the location provided and arrested the subject to the Crimestoppers information.
  • Thousands of pounds-worth of cannabis was seized and several arrests were made when police acted on information provided by Crimestoppers.
  • Weapons and over £5,000 of drugs were seized when police searched the address in the Crimestoppers log.
  • Crimestoppers gave UKBA information as to the whereabouts of an illegal immigrant. The named individual was located, arrested and is the process of being deported.

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously on  0800 555 111and help make communities safer places to live.