On 9th March 2015, Crimestoppers’ Lincolnshire volunteer Oliwia Chaladaj delivered a presentation about the charity to members of the Lincolnshire Polish Society. Those attending were key community members who will continue to spread the message to their local networks.

Oliwia used the opportunity to educate the Society members about Crimestoppers’ charity status and independence from the Police. She also explained how the 0800 555 111 telephone number operates in allowing members of the public to pass on information about crime and criminals 100 per cent anonymously. She then explained to the group what that really means, how callers will never be asked their name, have the call recorded, give a statement to the police, or be expected to go to court.

The availability of a translation service was also discussed as it was recognised that language was often the most significant barrier to passing on information about crimes.
Oliwia will be delivering further Crimestoppers talks and attend local community events in Lincolnshire to continue help spread the Crimestoppers message, especially to migrant communities who may not already be aware of the important services that the charity provides.

Lincs Polish Society
Lincolnshire volunteer Oliwia Chaladaj delivering a Crimestoppers presentation to members of the Polish society