On Monday 2nd March 2015, dedicated Lincolnshire Crimestoppers volunteers Stuart Gibbon and Callum Thursby attended Sleaford library, where they spent time promoting Crimestoppers.

They were able to dispel a few myths about Crimestoppers being a part of the police and being the same as Crimewatch - amongst others. They promoted the phone number 0800 555 111, where people can give information on crime and criminals completely anonymously, and the online anonymous reporting form.  The session went well and was quite busy.

Stuart said: “It was worthwhile running the awareness-raising event, and it helped to raise the profile of Crimestoppers in Lincolnshire."

He added that it emphasised the need for more volunteers to join within the Lincolnshire area. If you live locally, and you're interested in becoming a Crimestoppers volunteer in Lincolnshire, please fill in the form at the top of the page.

 lincolnshire activity March 15

 Pictured above: Callum Thursby on the right and Stuart Gibbon on the left.