Lincolnshire Committee Crimestoppers Volunteers Activity

This week (23.09.13) new and returning students of Lincoln University moved into their accommodation and made the most of the activities and attractions available during Freshers' Week. One of these attractions was Freshers' Fayre; an event which attracts an estimated 5000 students.

Volunteers from Lincolnshire Crimestoppers and the University of Lincoln were there to interact with these students. A stall was set up and a range of Crimestoppers merchandise and information leaflets were handed out.

Our team of Crimestoppers volunteers ensured that they talked to as many students as possible so as to raise awareness of the purpose and key values of Crimestoppers in addition to educating students about the risk of domestic burglary.

fresher fayre

Raising Awareness about Crimestoppers

When talking to those who attended the fayre, it was clear that students had little or no knowledge about Crimestoppers. However, many students appeared very interested in the charity; many were asking questions and wanting to take information leaflets away with them.   Most importantly the volunteers highlighted that people could ring the 0800 555 111 number anonymously.

This event was an excellent platform to inform students about Crimestoppers and to launch the committee's domestic burglary campaign. With more student fayres scheduled to be held throughout the academic year, Lincolnshire Crimestoppers can continue to remind students about the existence and purpose of Crimestoppers as well as the precautions that can be taken to avoid being a victim of domestic burglary.

Thank you to all the volunteers who put time aside to assist with the event.