Our Leicestershire and Rutland Committee have been working with Riverside Housing on a domestic violence campaign called Behind Closed Doors. Thanks to a Riverside grant, we were able to extend coverage of a domestic abuse campaign, aimed at increasing awareness and encouraging the reporting of this crime.


Despite 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men (Home Office Crime Survey 2010/11) in the UK being victims of domestic abuse at some point in their lives, the number of incidents reported to police is very small. Not only do the victims not want to speak out, others often do not want to be seen to get involved, even if they suspect there is a problem.

Kiran Dhanda, Crimestoppers’ East Midlands Regional Manager, stated: “Domestic abuse is still seen as a private issue by many people which can discourage them from reporting suspicions. The fact is that we all play an important role in keeping victims of domestic abuse safe, and there is no risk to your anonymity by passing on information to Crimestoppers.”

Report domestic abuse anonymously

Information reported to us is taken anonymously by either calling 0800 555 111 free from any landline or by filling in our Anonymous Online Form. The ability to report crime anonymously can be particularly key in domestic violence cases as informants can be safe in the knowledge that their identity will not be revealed, they will not have to provide a statement and they will not have to go to court.

Pictured above from left to right: Crimestoppers Leicestershire and Rutland volunteer Clare Walker Lord Mayor of Leicester and his consort, Vice Chair, Leicestershire and Rutland committee Sue Witts at the Riverside Housing festival in June 2014.