June has been a busy month for the Leicestershire and Rutland’s Volunteer committee.  We've attended many festivals and met many great people who have really taken a real interest in the charity and the work we do.

Our first festival of the month was the beautiful Riverside Festival that took place on the 6 June, running alongside the river Soar.

Many thousands of people gathered to soak up the sun, enjoying the live music and all the different attractions, including boat rides on the river.

The Leicestershire and Rutland Crimestoppers Volunteer team had a stall at the festival in a prime location which meant we got the chance to meet and interact with many different people from all sorts of backgrounds and really get the Crimestoppers name out to the public.

Closer to the end of the month, on the 28 June, the colourful Indian Summer Festival took place at the Cultural Quarter in Leicester. The festival was filled with bright colours and live performances from various entertainers and culminated in a spectacular Holi dance in which the crowd ended up covered in colours. The laughter of the people and aroma of the different Indian Cuisines filled the air.

Once again the Leicestershire and Rutland Crimestoppers team had a stall close to the main stage, with the new members of our team playing a bigger role and interacting with members of the public. We received lots of positive feedback which suggested that the Crimestoppers brand is receiving more recognition and more people had heard of Crimestoppers than ever before.

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