Crimestoppers has become the latest voluntary organisation to be backed by the High Sheriff of Leicestershire, Surinder Sharma, taking its place on a select list of supported charities.

With 44 county-based volunteer committees across the country, The Leicestershire and Rutland branch plays a significant role in the areas crime prevention. Over 26,000 pieces of information have been passed to the local police since 1995, resulting in over 4,000 arrests and charges, £2.1 million of stolen property recovered and £1.8 million of drugs seized.

Appointed as High Sheriff in April this year, Surinder Sharma is a former city councillor and chair of the Leicester Race Equality Council. He has a commitment to inclusion and community cohesion that spans over 35 years.

Professor Sharma said: “Part of my appointment as High Sheriff is to assist and encourage voluntary and third-sector organisations, particularly those that help to maintain law and order.

 “Crimestoppers plays an integral role in Leicestershire’s crime prevention strategy and is well deserving of my support. There are two key factors to its success.

 “Anonymity allows people to provide detailed information without fear of consequence, and the ease of submitting information encourages people to pass on details that could prove vital to an investigation, information that could have otherwise gone unreported.”  

He added: “I lend my support to Crimestoppers. Their work is invaluable in keeping Leicestershire a safe county in which to work and live. I for one am grateful of their commitment to crime prevention.”

Chair of the Leicestershire and Rutland Committee, Romail Gulzar, said: “It is a great honour to have the support of the High Sheriff. I’ve been a volunteer with Crimestoppers for over four years now and I’ve seen the impact it’s had. But there is still room to grow.

“The assistance of Professor Sharma will strengthen our relationships with local authorities and serve to highlight our presence within the community. The more people we can reach and encourage to get involved with Crimestoppers, the safer our county will become.”  

Crimestoppers is the only organisation to offer 100% anonymity to members of the public who wish to report suspected misconduct.  A 24/7 phone line, 0800 555 111, and online form allows key information to be passed on without revealing personal details. The charity works closely with the public, the police and the media in the prevention and solving of crime.

For further information contact, please contact Jennifer Morris. Email: Telephone: 0845 500 5052