27th May 2015

Denby Youngsters were encouraged to be 'Fearless' against crime during a recent talk at Flamsteed School.

The event, for years 7, 8, 9 and 10, was a chance to introduce the pupils to Crimestoppers' youth service, Fearless, which seeks to empower young people by educating them about crime.

The students heard about different issues - from drugs and alcohol to weapons, theft and violence - and how they can report crime anonymously through Fearless' website www.fearless.org

Fearless Ambassadors

The presentation was given by PC Neil Hopwell and PCSO John Midgley, from Kilburn Safer Neighbour Team, who received Fearless training at a special Fearless Ambassador programme in Derbyshire last year.

"The pupils were keen to find out more about Fearless and what it entailed.
“It was also a chance for us to meet and get to know the students, many of whom live locally, and encourage them to discuss issues and come and say hello if they see us when out and about on patrol.
“PCSO Midgley and I are keen to help roll Fearless out further to other secondary schools in our area."

- PC Hopwell, Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team

"We really appreciate the support our Fearless message has received from Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team.

"We are grateful to the officers who attended the Fearless Ambassador training programme that Derbyshire Crimestoppers delivered last year.

"The team has worked hard to ensure the Fearless message has reached all the age groups at John Flamsteed as well as coordinating the teaching materials required.”

- Louise Gratton, Chairman of the Derbyshire Crimestoppers Committee

The talk was a hit with Flamsteed students, who said the information they had been given had been interesting, useful and honest.

Building Bridges

"This relationship builds bridges and trust between the young people and the police.
“The Fearless website provides a fantastic resource for students to easily access honest, impartial advice and information about crucial and relevant topics.

"This site offers answers to the many questions youngsters have but frequently don’t know where to get help from.

"It has given us another opportunity to raise awareness with students as to how they can keep themselves and their friends safe."

- Dawn Musson, Flamsteed teacher

For more information, visit www.fearless.org