Believe it or not, it’s summer time!

Boat owners are reminded to secure their boats and valuable items and to be alert to suspicious behaviour in Jersey Ports.


What to look out for:

  • Unusual boat movements late at night, or early in the morning
  • People being landed at unusual locations
  • Lack of boat handling experience
  • People with inadequate dress for sailing
  • Boats being moved around at night without navigation lights
  • RIBS being loaded/unloaded at unusual places
  • Packages being transferred out at sea from larger boats
  • Packages being transferred to waiting cars
  • Strangers waiting to hire boats
  • Boats with above average crew for size of boat

You can spread the message and download a leaflet on security advice for port users:

Crime Prevention advice for Port Users [pdf leaflet] 

If you see or hear something suspicious, call us anonymously on 0800 555 111 or fill in our secure online form.  Alternatively, you call Jersey Customs & Immigration on 0800 735 5555 (confidential freephone).

To report a crime, please call Jersey Police on 612612.