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SCAM  ALERT – Guernsey

Guernsey mobile phone users have been subject to SMISHING (SMS phishing) attacks.

Fraudsters pretending to be from NatWest bank are sending text messages to islanders and asking them to call the number provided. It is a scam. Guernsey Police advice is for those who receive these text messages NOT to call the number, but instead to contact their bank directly on a verified number, e.g. the one on their bank card.  

You should never divulge pin or password details to thirdparties. This applies to all text messages.       


If you have any information about those carrying out scams such as this, you can tell independent charity Crimestoppers and remain anonymous - we don't want to know wh you are or where you live - just what you know.


Call free on 0800 555 111, or fill in our quick and easy online form, here on our website.