Local residents got in touch with their inner ‘Robin Hood’ after Crimestoppers in Guernsey  launched ‘Robin Who?’ Archery Challenge at Beau Sejour on Sunday 17th February 2013.

This event had three aims – to have fun, to enable more people to learn about archery, and to target criminals, highlighting that 36% of crimes in Guernsey are theft related.  

Archery Challenge

This challenge was based on the Crimestoppers free telephone number 0800 555 111.  Each participant had eight arrows.  The first person to land these in each of the eight circles on the day will won £555.  The last person on the day, if different, to achieve this won £111.

This free entry event was open to anyone age eight and over.  No experience was necessary as Outdoor Guernsey provided safety instruction, guidance and equipment on the day.

The specifically designed target consisted of a telephone number as the bulls-eye, with further circles numbered as 0800, 5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 1, representing the charities telephone number.

Guernsey would like to thank Outdoor Guernsey, NatWest, Smith Signs and AON for their support with this event.