Over thirty companies have chosen to work with Crimestoppers. These are the reasons they have given:

Measuring Impact

Each partnership has clearly defined aims and objectives. Each programme is bespoke and based on business priorities. We offer deterrents for every type of crime. For example, metal theft has become a major problem for many companies and their customers. Working with Openreach, part of the BT Group, over the past three years, we have contributed to a strategy that has seen a 45% reduction in this crime.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Business and communities share the same concerns about criminal and anti-social behaviour as potential victims. Over the past 12 months we ran over one hundred local initiatives. For example, working with Lloyds Banking Group, we shared a “Money Mules” initiative aimed at students and warning them about some of the techniques criminal gangs use to trap them into money laundering.

Brand Partnership

The Crimestoppers’ brand has 92% public recognition* and extremely good media networks. We regularly gain media coverage on major broadcast, online and print channels including the BBC, ITV and Sky Broadcasting. A solid relationship with crime reporters and correspondants cements this relationship.

Other Supporters

Trusts and Foundations

  • Charitable trusts and foundations have a longstanding history of helping the charity
  • Unrestricted donations allow us to develop our Services
  • Restricted donations allow us to target key crime issues through campaigns, projects and partnership working.

Police and Crime Commissioners

  • Newly elected in November 2012, Police & Crime Commissioners control the Government’s Community Safety Funds delegated to their boroughs 
  • Law Enforcement, Community Safety Partnerships and local initiatives like ours are key to their investment.

Statutory Bodies

  • Local Councils, the Home Office and Law Enforcement agencies are pivotal to us in supporting the prevention, reduction and detection of crime.

 *Populus survey, September 2011