Esri UK is proud to support Crimestoppers who, for over 28 years, have provided a unique means for the public to take an active role in fighting crime and making the UK safer.

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The effective management of information is at the heart of Crimestoppers’ success and at Esri UK we believe that information is the lifeblood of every organisation. Whatever its source, the vast majority of the information that we use everyday has one thing in common: a location. For over 20 years, we have provided world-class enterprise geographic information systems (GIS) that help public and private sector organisations share their information through the medium of interactive, intelligent maps – helping them make more timely, informed and often mission-critical decisions.

Within the Public Safety community, Esri UK works closely with the Police, Fire Service and other agencies to manage, analyse and share information in this way, leading to more effective use of their limited resources and ultimately, safer neighbourhoods.

As a strategic partner, Esri UK provides not only monetary support, but is helping Crimestoppers to explore how GIS can increase its understanding of crime patterns and criminal behaviour and, essentially, further enhance the critical service Crimestoppers provides in its ongoing fight against crime.

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