Crimestoppers' Integrity Services offer a range of services to corporates from business critical through to Corporate Social Responsibility, staff volunteering and fundraising.



  • We are more than just a logo. The Crimestoppers name resonates well with the public and our businesses
  • Guarantee of integrity and trustworthiness
  • Association in helping reduce crime
  • Demonstrate pro-activeness in protecting business

Integrity Line

  • 24/7 telephone bureau and two-way on-line reporting
  • Operate email service
  • Seamless integration with client operations
  • Operate in over 100 languages 
  • Continuous training of bureau staff


  • Regular updates monitoring volume and types of incident
  • Data to compare time-related trends/patterns within business
  • Guidance on developing strategies that identify future threats

Creating Awareness

  • Agree stakeholder issues and audiences
  • Agree media channels and implementation plans
  • Establish key impact criteria

Brand partnership

  • Identify fit between brand and corporate services or products
  • Create marketing programme
  • Establish key impact criteria

Corporate Social Responsibility/Charity of the Year

  • Develop theme
  • Utilise Regional Manager and Volunteer infrastructure to support activity
  • Collaborate community groups
  • Develop media programme
  • Imbed Volunteer activity to support initiatives


  • Create bespoke networking opportunities
  • Organise partner recognition events
  • Share our facilities to support partner activities
  • Sponsorship events e.g. London Marathon

Rewards Mechanism

  • Companies can make use of Crimestoppers high-profile rewards mechanism
  • Generate media coverage
  • Increase information about specific crimes affecting business.
  • Additional publicity in demonstrating commitment to stakeholders

Most Wanted Appeals

  • In some instances we will make our Most Wanted website available to companies:
  • Focus on on serious criminals who target businesses
  • Engage the public to provide information
  • Identify people unknown to the police

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