National Campaigns

Crimestoppers has come up with several award winning national campaigns over the past 25 years since the charity launched, but how do we go about running these?  First of all we think about our objectives. We try to achieve the following three things:

  • Increased actionable intelligence (more reports on criminals coming through to Crimestoppers).
  • Public understanding that there is a means to hand over information on crime without being identified.
  • Media coverage – the more people that see our campaigns, the more phones will ring at our contact bureau.
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We cover a wide range of issues in our national campaigns

So how do we achieve all the above? 

  • Topicality - the crimes that we’re campaigning on will typically be a law enforcement priority and will therefore be a community concern in the area we target.  
  • Confirm who we will send the anonymous reports to and how they will be acted upon.
  • Careful marketing strategies -  showing communities that their information is vital to help solve crimes and make their streets safer.
  • Line up all the operational requirements – are our call agents informed and aware of what information needs to be captured from public contact? 
  • Communications – effective communication to all stakeholders.

After each campaign has launched we monitor the success via media engagement and measure the incoming calls and online reports.  We evaluate our campaigns fully to demonstrate to the impact of the campaign and to think about ways in which we could improve future work on that particular topic.