Who we work with

At Crimestoppers, we challenge wrong-doing by empowering individuals, communities and commercial partners. Discover some of our supporting partners and how we help them.

Who we work with

Carlisle Support Services

We have partnered with Carlisle to help them enter new business markets. Leveraging our public reputation, they offer a bespoke integrity line to support staff and patients of NHS Trust.

Energy Theft Tip-Off Service (ETTOS)

We work with the energy industry to raise awareness on unmetered gas and electricity dangers. Our integrity lines, branded under stayenergysafe.co.uk, collect information on energy theft nationwide.

Electoral Commission

We work with this independent electoral body to combat electoral fraud. To encourage the smooth running of election campaigns, we educate the public and give them a route to inform on crime.

Muller UK & Ireland

Muller is an integrity line partner, working with us since 2011 to ensure their staff can voice concerns about wrongdoing. Together we ensure they feel valued, considered and safe in the workplace.

Environment Agency

By sharing information and licensing our logo, we have worked with the Environment Agency to reduce waste-related crime since 2011. Together, we work to eliminate contaminated land and rivers that pose huge health risks to the public.

NHS Scotland

Our integrity lines power the counter-fraud services of NHS Scotland. These lines handle issues of wrongdoing from staff and the public to ensure criminal matters are brought to light.


We share valuable information with HSBC to assist with their crime-prevention strategies. This has enabled them to take action and protect staff and customers from wrongdoing since 2015.


Ring license our logo for their secure doorbell in order to highlight their commitment to public safety. Their innovative technology discourages doorstep crimes to help keep communities safe.

Post Office

We run marketing campaigns, offer cash rewards and share key information with the Post Office. Our partnership has been in place since 2012 and has helped them to practice CSR and protect their 11,500 nationwide offices.

Ladbrokes Coral Group

Ladbrokes set up an integrity line, information sharing and brand partnership agreement with us in 2000. More recently Ladbrookes Coral has signed up to take advantage of our full suit of services to help them better tackle betting scams and all unlawful activity.


Our rewards and info sharing services have helped Openreach combat crimes against the company since 2011. We work closely with their internal taskforce to fight the theft and damage of cables that disrupt their network.

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