Reward of up to £6,000 for 2 men wanted over violent attacks during burglaries

Reward of up to £6,000 for 2 men wanted over violent attacks during burglaries

This is a renewed appeal for two men wanted for questioning regarding serious violence used during burglaries, including on older people.

Together with the police, we have already asked the public to report on the whereabouts of Michael Casey, 19 and Wayne Harty, 18.

A reward of up to £3,000 each already exists for information regarding Michael Casey. As Wayne Harty has now turned 18 years old, our charity is adding a further £3,000 for information we exclusively receive which leads to his arrest. 

They are believed to have been involved in numerous burglaries and aggravated burglaries, which include targeting older people and the most vulnerable in our communities. 

These men are known to be part of a conspiracy to commit burglary, linked to the criminal gang who were recently found guilty at Swansea Crown Court. The burglary spree included use and threats of violence, significant property damage, and a large number of personal items stolen, including thousands of pounds worth of jewellery. 

Michael Casey and his associate Wayne Harty continue to be wanted for questioning. They both have links with the travelling community and are known to travel throughout the UK, including Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Leicestershire, Thames Valley, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, London and Essex.

“These two men are believed to have used violence during their burglary spree. A recent court trial of other suspects from this group revealed that many of the victims were in their 80s and the attacks had a profoundly negative effect on their lives.
“It’s essential that Michael Casey and Wayne Harty, are found to protect the public from harm. Whilst we understand that some people feel unable to speak directly to the authorities, please remember that we here to help.
“You can pass on what you know about their whereabouts, whilst staying completely anonymous. We’ve kept that promise to the millions of people who have used our service since we began over 31 years ago. Our charity’s UK Contact Centre is open 24/7 on 0800 555 111 or you can use our anonymous online form. We guarantee you will stay 100% anonymous. Always.”
Ella Rabaiotti, Wales Manager at the charity Crimestoppers

***We are offering rewards of up to £3,000 each, for information that leads to the arrest of the individuals named above***
***Please Note: Information passed directly to police will not qualify. The reward will only qualify if information is passed to our 0800 555 111 number or via the untraceable anonymous online form.***