Work at a Hampshire port? Stay PORTSAFE

 Work at a Hampshire port? Stay PORTSAFE

We've launched a campaign to encourage staff at Hampshire’s key ports to be on extra alert to spot criminal or potential terrorist activity.

The PORTSAFE Campaign 

Workers at Southampton International Port and Portsmouth Port, along with other ports in the county, are being reminded to be on the lookout for suspicious activity, even among staff.

The campaign will see PORTSAFE posters placed across all staff-side areas of local ports.

Although it's rare for people who are part of the workforce to be involved in criminal or terrorist activities, Crimestoppers is reminding port staff to not be complacent when it comes to observing colleagues and other on-site workers.

It's just as important for port staff to be vigilant and watch out for the signs of terrorism and other crime as it is for members of the public to do so.

We hope that PORTSAFE will act as a consistent reminder to businesses, employers and employees to pay more attention to what they see - and to remember that they can report any suspicions to us here at independent charity Crimestoppers.

Criminal and terrorist activities can – in the worst case scenario – involve staff. We know that often co-workers might feel uncomfortable at raising suspicions over a colleague - but safety at our ports is paramount. We're here to take information in complete anonymity, so staff who have concerns about suspicious behaviour by a co-worker can report their concerns.

People who contact us are never asked for their name or personal details, and will never be contacted by police or have to go to court.

You can report crime or criminal suspicions 100% anonymously by calling our UK contact centre free on 0800 555 111, any time of the day or night, or by using our non-traceable online form.